Laser Clay Shooting


Yes your right. Laser Clay Shooting is not a traditional Nordic game and was in fact created in the early nineties by an innovative company in Bridgenorth.

It is included in the Viking Games because it’s an activity that we have been running at our site for 5 years and which is so much fun that it had to be included.

It’s similar to clay pigeon shooting but uses lasers instead of live ammunition so is completely safe. We think it is actually better than clay pigeon shooting because it’s environmentally friendly, it’s easy to grasp, it doesn’t have any ear deafening bangs and has no kick back from the guns.

The perfect activity for anyone who has always fancied firing a gun but perhaps was too afraid that they may injure themselves or someone else in the process.

Aimed at those aged 10 years upwards. Great fun for groups of any size but particularly for big groups. Come on a give it a shot!!

For more information please visit our main laser clay shooting site as 

Load and Pull 

Laser Clay Shooting prices and packages

Whether you’re looking to book just Laser Clays or wish to combine it with our other activities.


  • 1 hour of Laser Clays
  • £200 in total for groups of 10+
£ 19 .99

 per person


  • 1 hour of Laser Clays
  • 1 hour of Axe Throwing
£ 39 .99

 per person


  • 1 hour of Laser Clays
  • 1 hour of Archery
£ 39 .99

 per person


  • 1 hour of Laser Clays
  • 1.5 hours of Speedball
£ 39 .99

 per person


  • 1 hour of Laser Clays
  • 1 hour of Kubb, Molkky, Stige or Bullrings
£ 24 .99

 per person


  • 1 hour of Laser Clays
  • 2 x 1 hours of Kubb, Molkky, Stige or Bullrings
£ 29 .99

 per person

Key Information
Minimum age is 10

Arrival Time

Please arrive 10 minutes before you booked time

Please let us know if you are running late

What’s Included

Full instruction from our fully trained staff

Tea and Coffee facilities supplied through-out

What should I bring

Warm clothes if it gets a bit chilly

Feel free to bring any food & drink required


At the end of a laser clay session we give the group the opportunity to take on the laser clay challenge leaderboard.

Two members of the group will be given 15 clays to try and score as many points as they can. Each person can score a maximum of 45 points so when combined together the score is out of 90.

If you are top of the leaderboard at the end of the year (as of December 31st) you will win £100.

Laser Clay Shooting Offsite Sessions

Our laser clay shooting activity is also available offsite. Let us come to a venue of your choice and entertain you there.

Please ring 01981 240896 for offsite sessions

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