Our Viking Allies

Businesses we have teamed up with

Wye Valley Meadery

Nothing comes between a Viking and his mead

Wye Valley Meadery are a small, family run company founded by two brothers and based in the beautiful Wye Valley, in the Welsh borders.

They combine their love of nature with their interest in brewing. What they have created is innovative, light, refreshing and rich in flavour, but also steeped in history.

With mounting quantities of honey from their own bees and a desire to drink something different, they began creating session strength meads made with great ingredients and killer flavours. Their mead is a marriage of modern brewing techniques applied to the most ancient beverage.

So please take what preconceptions you have, and refresh them.

We at The Viking Games love what they have created and it is now our go to drink.

How we’ve teamed Up

Take on our activities and then celebrate your endeavours by learning, making and tasting the drink of the Vikings.

Due to the mead consumed during the experience, we would not advise you doing it the other way round.

Oldfield Forge

Make your own Viking axe

Oldfield Forge is a family run blacksmithing company combining traditional blacksmithing techniques and craftsmanship with modern technology to produce the finest quality bespoke ironmongery for homes and businesses.

Alongside the business they offer fantastic experiences which include forging your own axe head, sword or dagger.

How we’ve teamed Up

We are giving you the opportunity to make your own axe with Oldfield Forge and then test it out on our axe boards. 

Have you got the ability to create an axe that is strong enough and sharp enough to penetrate our boards ?