I need help with:

* Food shopping

* To cook and provide a hot meal

* Essential shopping goods

* Collect prescriptions

* Having someone to talk to

* Dog walking 

* Looking after livestock


I would like to volunteer to help




Kevin on 07817 898831

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Local food suppliers offering delivery

Ewyas Harold Village Stores

Delivery of food & drinks.

Delivery on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Minimum £20 spend. Order before 10am


01981 240227

Rowlestone Farmhouse Ice Cream

Delivery of ice-cream for a 10 mile radius.

Minimum £10 order.

Collection also available from carpark.


01981 240322

Hopes of Longtown

Delivery of food & drinks.

Distance depends on order.

Collection also available from carpark.

01873 860444

Mailes Butchers

Delivery of food & drinks.

Collection also available from carpark.

01981 240234

Golden Valley Meat & Game

Delivery of food on orders over £25

01981 240341

Neil Powell Master Butchers

Free home delivery of food.


01981 240000

The Bridge Inn Kentchurch

Orders taken Mon – Fri 12noon – 6pm for next

day collection from pub carpark.

Not for profit.

01981 241158

Sunanta’s Thai Kitchen

Orders taken 10am to 12noon for delivery

between 5pm-8pm.

Delivering food Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat

Free delivery depends on distance

Free pickup from EH Memorial Hall

07800 578685

Bevans Family Butchers

Free delivery over £15

01873 854668

Ty-Gwyn Cider

Delivery of drinks.

Distance depends on delivery.

Collection also available from carpark.

01981 241181

Black Mountain Botanicals

Gin delivery.

Free delivery in HR2 area.

Contact Lloyd

07527 943669

Angel Inn Grosmont

Delivery of drinks.

Free in a 2 mile radius.

£20 minimum spend for further afield

01981 240646

The Kilpeck Inn

Delivering of grocery boxes

£20 per box

01981 570464

The Strawberry Stop

Veg box delivery.

Contact for delivery and prices.

01531 632664

Wild by Nature Meats

High welfare, sustainably produced meat

box deliveries.

Contact for delivery and prices.

01873 777292


Remember: Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every effort to ensure that you are not spreading it. Avoid physical contact (the recommended distance is 2 metres) and wash your hands regularly. Items will be left on the recipient’s doorstep.

If you have symptoms and they get worse ring the NHS on 111.

Please note: any personal information that you provide via the numbers above will only be used for the purpose of coordinating a community response to the Coronavirus emergency in our area. Information will be held securely and will only be shared with individuals and organisations involved in coordinating the Coronavirus response.